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Chevron Flooring is a family business located in Guildford, Surrey. Our expertise has been gained through working in the hardwood flooring industry since 1987 with top manufacturers, distributors, architects and engineers.

Most of our bespoke Chevrons and Herringbone floors are manufactured in Europe, where emphasis is placed on reforestation of source timber.

In these days of unlimited choice, our objective is to offer our clients the best advice and direction on the most suitable types of Chevron, Herringbone/Parquet and Overlay floors to suit their needs.

Our craftsmen select all the finest major timber species, including: Oak, Walnut, Wenge and many more wood varieties. Our floors are manufactured to meet the most exacting specifications set by homeowners, interior designers and world class architects.
Absolute consistency in grade, species, finish, colouring, width and thickness guaranties that all our floors are smooth, uniform, easy to install, and beautiful beyond compare.

We know that our Chevron, Herringbone/Parquet and Overlay floors will be part of your day to day life for years to come. For that reason, we work so hard to make sure we can offer great value and a lifetime of enjoyment.

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